Welcome to Aino

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A Creative Digital Studio

This is Aino – our own special place in life where we do what we love and stand up for what is right.

We are developers, designers and creatives that use our collective talent to build great things that matters. We are doers, thinkers and obstructors of the ancient conservative world.

We say no when people are treated badly. We say yes when the world can be a better place. Our workplace is where you walk in grumpy in the morning and dance out in the afternoon. 

Code is art. It can bend reality and trigger real emotions. Striking the perfect balance between visuals, functions and words is what we are aiming for. Are you one of us?

Working at Aino

At Aino, we stand up for each other and what is right, no matter what. We take risks and fail because it is the only way we know to achieve great things together. We push limits and praise our bravery, talent and efforts every day.

Our office is a beautiful space for creativity, relaxation and parties - built by us for us. We have Couronne, PS5 and even a private gym!

Every year we donate money to fight inequalities in our society and support women that are abused by men. Because it is the right thing to do.


  • Pension, insurance and healthcare

    Pensions fund, health insurance, wellness memberships and a private gym!

  • Hardware and stuff

    Laptops, noise-cancelling headphones, free cell phone and Aeron chairs

  • Vacation and conferenses

    6 weeks vacation, conferences, fika and beer. Or whatever we feel like!

  • Money!

    Competitive salaries that can be re-negotiated each year.


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